About the PlantTracker project

The PlantTracker project has now finished.  It was a collaboration between the Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency & Natural Resources Wales.  It was built by Natural Apptitude

What was the PlantTracker project trying to achieve?

The main aim was to locate incidences of a number of high priority invasive plant species.  Over the life time of PlantTracker more than 25,000 records of invasive plant species were submitted for scientifc use and on the ground action.

Why an App?

Obtaining accurate data about the distribution of invasive species is of paramount importance when it comes to assessing impact and formulating a response.  But data provision is often patchy and records are usually unverifiable and lacking accurate geographic reference.

The PlantTracker project addressed these problems by combining the development of a smartphone application with the power of crowd-sourcing data collection.  Critically, each record collected is verifiable since it is comprised of a photograph along with other relevant metadata.  Records are also accurately geo-located since the app utilises the phone’s inbuilt GPS capabilities, often resolving the location to a matter of metres.

Another benefit of the app was that it contained detailed photographic ID guides.

What happens to the records?

Verified data is passed onto the NBN Gateway where it is accessible at full resolution to anyone who needs it.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions about the project or want to find out more, please contact Natural Apptitude - hello@natural-apptitude.co.uk

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