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Species Common name Taxon Group No. of Records
Fallopia japonicaJapanese Knotweedflowering plant1
Lysichiton americanusAmerican Skunk-cabbageflowering plant1
Fallopia sachalinensisGiant Knotweedflowering plant1
Persicaria wallichiiHimalayan Knotweedflowering plant2
GunneraGunnera speciesflowering plant2
Ludwigia grandifloraWater Primroseflowering plant4
Impatiens glanduliferaHimalayan Balsamflowering plant4
Carpobrotus edulisHottentot-figflowering plant7
Fallopia sachalinensisGiant Knotweedflowering plant8
Cortaderia selloanaPampas Grassflowering plant20
Acaena novae-zelandiaePirri-Pirri burflowering plant25
Lagarosiphon majorCurly Waterweedflowering plant36
GunneraGunnera speciesflowering plant40
Myriophyllum aquaticumParrot's Featherflowering plant43
Azolla filiculoidesWater Fernfern57
Prunus laurocerasusCherry Laurelflowering plant78
Crassula helmsiiNew Zealand Pigmyweedflowering plant108
Mimulus guttatusMonkey Flowerflowering plant119
Lysichiton americanusAmerican Skunk-cabbageflowering plant206
Impatiens capensisOrange Balsamflowering plant340
Hydrocotyle ranunculoidesFloating Pennywortflowering plant370
Rhododendron ponticumRhododendronflowering plant729
Heracleum mantegazzianumGiant Hogweedflowering plant2428
Fallopia japonicaJapanese Knotweedflowering plant7062
Impatiens glanduliferaHimalayan Balsamflowering plant10890
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